On Sat 1st Oct 2016 our friends son was married at the South Causey Inn at Stanley, myself, husband Raymond and our younger son Ryan attended the evening event and what a great night we all had. When we first arrived we were invited to sit with our friends in the bar/lounge until the function room was ready once again for the evening do. What a lovely welcoming and relaxed atmosphere it had.

We sat on a large leather sofa in front of a beautiful open log fire; you simply can’t get anything better than that. The function room was huge but because my husband and I are non-sighted my friend and son described all the decor and furnishings and also took me on a small tour so that I could feel everything for myself and not miss out on anything.

I have to say how greatly impressed I was, as a matter of fact it was breath taking and quite moving. The night also included a free roulette table for the evening, not to gamble but just for pure fun. There was a winning prize on the night, a free overnights stay for two persons in the hotel and guess who won, my son Ryan.  Imagine my surprise when he generously then passed the prize over to me!

He said “you go Mam and take someone with you.


I would have loved to have taken my husband with me but unfortunately I look after him 24/7 because of his disabilities and special needs and wouldn’t have been possible. So I took my Mum, Hilary Jack with me instead. We actually went the following Sunday on Oct 9th 2016. I was so looking forward to it just that short period of time for me to sit and chill out and that’s exactly what we both did.

We had a great time just sitting on the sofa in front of the beautiful warm log fire soaking in all the wonderful atmosphere, chatting, laughing and being waited on hand and foot while feeding our faces. What more could anyone ask for. From the moment we arrived we were made so welcome by Sue and Phil the owners and also from their wonderful team of staff.

I have never experienced so much warmth, friendship, expertise and efficiency as I did for those two days at the South Causey Inn. In my opinion it definitely ticked all the boxes from the exotic food, beautiful bedrooms as well as the stunning surroundings. The much bigger hotels could most certainly learn a thing or two from this very unique place. What I loved more than anything about being there was that there was no airs and graces, no falseness about the place, you really could just sit back and relax and be yourself and for me that speaks volumes.


Delicious Sunday Dinner at The South Causey Inn

The difference I feel between the South Causey Inn and other hotels is that it is privately owned and also ran by the owners themselves which shone through and through. To be honest, altogether it was like one big happy family and you were made to feel part of it and that’s the way it should always be wherever you go. I would have no hesitation about advising anyone to go and visit there even if it was only for a drink as you will not be disappointed.

Relaxing on the sofa

Relaxing on the sofa

It is also the ideal place to go if you are feeling down, lonely or living on you’re own and just want a bit of company, as you will be made very welcome. When you sit on the sofa by the log fire it really is like being in your own home except you have company around you. Who knows you might even bump into someone who you already know or maybe someone who is in the same position as yourself.

So thank you once again Sue and to your lovely husband Phil and to all your staff for allowing us to have such an enjoyable stay and I look forward to catching up with you all again in the near future.

God Bless and take care.